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Tuesday, December 29, 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

OMG mommy so damn excited with this opportunity... very d'BOMB opportunity.... the opportunity to go where you want by using your phone...

mommies/daddies out there... have you heard about MHmobile?

Malaysia Airlines (MAS), our national air carrier which has won the World's Best Cabin Staff 2009 and 5-star Airline Award 2009/2010 from Skytrax, UK has introduced a website specially made for mobile users - MHmobile: . It's not only for you to book your flights to any destination in the world flown by MAS but also a lot of other stuffs too geared for active users on the go. What you need is a web-enabled mobile phone (most phones now have these features) and you’re ready to book your flights, share your itinerary with your friends and fly on the go! Very simple and great features isn't it!

Below is some simple steps to book your flights using an iPhone as an example:

To book your flight, follow these 5(five) simple and easy steps:

1. Select Book Flight from the menu.

2. Fill in your departure and return details as below. You can book a return flight or you can purchase a one way ticket as well by selecting oneway in the Return pull-down menu. Then, select your outbound and return flights time.

3. You would see a Flight Summary page a shown below. Click Purchase.

4. Key in the form shown and click Confirm. You will then be asked to fill in your payment information (Your credit card details) to buy the tickets...

5. You can also hold your bookings and proceed to pay using a credit card at a later time. After that, you can share your itinerary with your friends in those social websites eg: facebook! If you've done online purchases before, these is like a walk in the park for you.

Checking your booked flights is just a click away. You can also check in via SMS. With high-end phones (e.g. iPhone, Blackberry,) you can choose your seats that links to the mobile version of the boarding pass.

You can also check-in by just using your phone via a 2D barcode image that will be sent to you. You don't even need to print it!

You can also check whether your flights is on time or not using the Flight Status menu. By using this page, you can also check whether your loved ones have arrived or not as well! You can check via the flight details or more accurately by using the MH flight code no.

If you are really in a hurry, you can check the latest flight arrival and departure times, and choose a flight straight away with the booking details pre-filled. Very good if you are on an Amazing Race type of rush. Hahah!

You can also get some information on MAS Offices worldwide in the Contacts menu. Suitable for those of us who have some enquiry and prefer to talk to someone on the other line. You can pay them a visit in person since its linked to Google Maps!

Sometimes, your baggage got delayed or god forbid, missing! MHmobile provides a Baggage Tracer service on your fingertips. Isn't that easy???!

If you like to get the best Deals and Offers from MAS, then look no further! Go to the Deals and Offers menu to select the best deals from MAS. If you're lucky, you can get huge savings on your planned flights!

Very very easy right? Instead of using normal practices like going to the MAS ticket counter, or using a travel agent to book our flight, why not we logon to You can also go to, or make phone call to book your flights but using is a lot easier and simpler! more details... u can simply click HERE

should you have any enquiries... please go HERE or just browse through your phone...

And the best thing is you also have a chance to get a FREE iPhone 3G when you purchase First or Business Class tickets via

new year is very near... lets grab the new year's offer from MYR 119 only...

and if you're lucky enough, u can get the cheapest fares and this is for members only... what you need is to register HERE... it's simply free for you...

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